+ 20 Small Acreage Tracts
+ Limited Waterfront Lots Available
+ Electricity and Water Available

The Delta National Forest is located in Sharkey County north of Vicksburg, Mississippi, within the floodplain of the Mississippi River. It is one of the few hardwood forests remaining in the Mississippi Delta and the only bottomland hardwood national forest in the nation.

Delta National Forest

Delta Glade is Located...

+ Less than 1 mile from Delta National Forest
+ 5 miles from Rolling Fork, Mississippi
+ 10 miles from Panther Swamp National Wildlife Refuge
+ 16 miles from Yazoo National Wildlife Refuge
+ 20 miles from Mississippi River
+ 20 miles from Lake Washington
+ 35 miles from Hillside National Wildlife Refuge

(All distances measured as the crow flies)

Interested in Delta Glade?


Delta Glade is comprised of 1 lot with an existing house that fronts Highway 16,

5 waterfront lots, and 14 standard lots. Please check out the plan below

to see which lots are currently available.